Farmers Field Day for Rice Plant

20 Mar 2014

Farmers Field Day for rice plant was an event to show directly to the farmers the effectiveness of Saprotan Utama product package. This event was conducted in March 20th, 2014 in Cawas, Klaten and Pamongan, Guntur, Demak which were attended by around 190 farmers. The product packages applied to the rice plants were fertilizers: Fertipos and Fetila Padi while the pesticide was Jordan, Avidor, Kempo, and Starmek.

The demonstration farm in Cawas, Klaten produced 9.12 tons of rice per hectare while the control area cultivated with local farmers’ methods, produced 8.16 tons per hectare. It showed that there was 0.97 tons increase per hectare. The SU demonstration plot in Guntur, Demak, produced 9.3 tons per hectare while the control area which was also cultivated with local farmers’ methods produced 7.5 tons per hectare, so it can be concluded that there were significance increase in numbers of crops. Referring to this result, the farmers gradually attempted to adopt the planting packages from Saprotan Utama.